Emergency Contraception

Emergency contraception to prevent an unplanned pregnancy before it occurs.

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What is an emergency contraception?

Post pills are concentrated doses of levonorgestrel, the same hormone in daily contraceptive pills. Emergency Contraceptive pills can be taken before or after unprotected sex to guard against pregnancy.

  • Lydia Postpil is not an abortion pill - rather, it is simply an option for women to use “just in case.”

Post pills are a good option for women who do not have sex frequently, for when a contraceptive failure is known or suspected to fail (like when a condom breaks, or when a woman missed taking her regular pill), or when a woman is forced into having sex (rape).

Clinical Indication

Prevention of pregnancy following unprotected intercourse. It can be used by women of all reproductive ages including adolescents.

Mechanism of Action

Lydia Postpil mainly acts by preventing the release of an egg (ovulation) or by stopping the egg and sperm from meeting (fertilization). Postpill may inhibit implantation by altering the endometrium but is not effective once the process of implantation has begun.

Endorsements of Emergency Contraception



Lydia Postil can be used by women of all reproductive ages including adolescents.

Yes - extensive medical research and many years of monitoring have shown that emergency contraceptives such as the Lydia Postpil are safe. They do not affect fertility or increase the risk of cancer or ectopic pregnancy or cause long term side effects. However, it is recommended that you use a regular contraceptive method as it is the ‘most effective’ way to prevent pregnancy. You should consult a healthcare professional for advice on choosing a regular method most suitable to your needs.

Like all drugs, Lydia Postpil may have side effects. You may have menstrual changes such as shorter/longer cycles and have a heavier/lighter period than normal and other side effects mentioned in the leaflet should be anticipated.
Some women may experience spotting a few days after taking the Lydia Postpil, but this is not your period and menstrual bleeding may occur earlier or later than expected. If your menses are delayed beyond one week of expected date, pregnancy may be a possibility. Verification using a pregnancy test is advisable.

The Lydia Postpil is contra-indicated for use in the case of known or suspected pregnancy or if you are hypersensitive to Levonorgestrel.

Lydia Postpil is most effective when used within the first 24 hours (1 day) after unprotected sex. If you have unprotected sex again 24 hours after taking the Lydia Postpil, you may be at risk of pregnancy, because active sperm could be waiting in the fallopian tubes when the egg is eventually released. Therefore, always use another form of contraception (condom/pills) after you have taken the Lydia Postpil.

Even if multiple acts of unprotected sex occur in a day, the Lydia Postpil should not be taken more than once within 24 hours (except when vomiting within 2 hours of taking the tablets). Subsequently, it is recommended you begin a regular short or long term method of contraception the day after taking the Lydia Postpil.

No - The Lydia Postpil is NOT effective in terminating an existing pregnancy. It is NOT an abortion tablet.

No - The Lydia Postpil does NOT protect against HIV infections or other Sexually transmitted infections (STIs). If you think you have been exposed to any, please contact your family planning.