MVA technology

Ipas Aspirator and Cannula technology is a safe and effective medical device used worldwide.

Product list

Ipas Single Valve Aspirator

Ipas Single Valve Aspirator

Only Ipas aspirator that accepts the 3mm cannula designed for Endometr...


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What is Ipas Aspirator?

The Ipas line of aspirators (also known as manual vacuum aspirators) are easy to operate, hand-held vacuums that use suction to remove uterine contents through the cervix using a cannula (sold separately). The vacuum aspiration technique is recommended by WHO to manage incomplete, missed or induced abortion.

The Ipas aspirator is:

  • Safe
  • Effective (98%)
  • High-quality
  • Affordable, limited investment required
  • Easy to learn and to use
  • Discreet, portable, quiet
  • Ideal for performing procedures in the outpatient setting, even with no electricity or with space constraints
  • Made with latex-free plastic

Clinical Indications

It may be used for early pregnancy loss (miscarriage) management, induced abortion, post abortion care (if incomplete or missed), or to obtain samples for endometrial biopsy. The rate of infection is lower than any other surgical abortion procedure at 0.5%.

For providers

Only trained clinicians should use the Ipas Manual Vacuum Aspirator. Please contact us to find out more about training and credentialing opportunities.

The total procedure can be done in 10 steps. Please see this chart for pictographic steps:

DKT WomanCare sells single-use variants of our products to comply with national regulations. Please ask your distributor whether your product is single-use or not.

Color-coded adapters allow Flexible Karman Cannula and 3 mm Cannula to be used with the Ipas MVA Plus(R) or Double Valve Aspirators. Please refer to the product technical sheet for more information.

Please refer to our Technical Resources under “Clean and Disassemble Instruments” or see this sheet from Ipas:

Check that instrument is properly assembled and charged
Inspect O-ring for proper positioning - if damaged or loose, replace O-ring.
Too much lubrication.
Ensure no foreign bodies are present.
Check cylinder is firmly seated on valve.
Charge and test again.
If vacuum is still not retained, use another aspirator.

Check if :
Aspirator is full.
Cannula is withdrawn past the cervical os opening.
Cannula is clogged.
Aspirator is incorrectly assembled.